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I, like you, find myself tired of politics. At the same time, checking out should not be seen as an option for the Christian who lives in the United States.

As the quote from my former professor at seminary highlights, there must be, in the lives of believers in Jesus, a unity between what we do during the week and what we confess on Sunday Morning.

What is being promoted in our country regarding Life, be that preborn or end of life, is not a matter to be relegated to that of human opinion. God has much to say regarding His command to protect life, especially that of the most vulnerable. Abortion and end of life decisions are not Democrat vs. Republican political options but topics to which God has spoken.

The same can be said with regards to sexuality issues, care of the poor, taxes and their use, immigration and nation status, order in governing, etc. These topics cannot be left on the dust heap of opinion or might makes right. Repentance is required in the life of each Christian every day regarding the lust for self, power, money, pleasure, etc.. The Christian is called as the child of God who lives in love towards the neighbor.

Ken Shurb writes in a Bible study of the role of our citizenship:

“Christians who are citizens of the United States can give thanks to God for our country, for the precious freedoms we enjoy, and for a system of government that involves us. Although we rest assured in God’s promise that is greater than any political one—that bought with the blood of the crucified and risen Christ, we are baptized into His name; He is our Lord—we do have the responsibility to participate in the political process and hold our government up to scrutiny. And we do so through by supporting various candidates and causes, and voting in elections, among other ways. “

There is no greater voice than that of the Christian, who in faith towards God and love toward the neighbor, can act as the greatest form of citizen who takes voting in elections as an important responsibility of faith.

We always remember that the government is the hand of God engaging in order and punishment for sin. (Romans 13) At that same time, we know there may be times when faithful believers will be forced to obey God over Government when it takes a path contrary to the will of God.

In the U.S. we are blessed with the opportunity to shape what the government will look like as we cast our votes in the upcoming election. I certainly will not openly promote one candidate over another nor one party over another. That being said, I will encourage you to vote your biblical faith.

Where a candidate or a party promotes that which is contrary to the will of God himself, the Christian will need to evaluate how his voting will promote the teaching of God or the evil teaching of Satan and His lies of happiness where there is no happiness.

The quote above by Kurt Marquart is one that I believe every member of our church needs to read and consider as they engage in the political arena.

I want to encourage you in a couple of areas when it comes to the upcoming elections.

1: Begin with humble repentance that is not tied to anything but Christ.

2: STUDY. Read the actual party platforms and understand that this marks the overall agenda of the people we elect. I will provide a short synopsis, but I encourage you to read the whole platform. Do not just allow others to study for you.

3: Make sure that you are registered to vote.

4: Take part in the election and vote your Christian values and faith.

5: Talk to others who may need help to study, or help others in voting by providing rides etc.

6: Pray for our leaders and our country.

7: End with humble repentance and faith in Christ.

Remember that the Lord is not absent, nor off in a distance simply watching. He is actively forgiving the sins of the world through His Church and working for the sake of the gospel in all the world.

In all things we remember that we are citizens of another kingdom. There is no salvation in the kingdoms, in the power, nor in the leaders of this earth. But these exist and are shaped by God for the sake of the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At times they hinder that preaching. What an opportunity to help shape our country under the freedoms of our constitution. We are truly blessed to live a life in the promise of heaven and a life without fear.

In Christ,

Pastor Oster.


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